To ensure your misting system operates at its best preventative maintenance is essential. which will ensure that you have a well functioning system when those hot day arrive.

Firstly nozzles need to be removed and cleaned with running water to ensure that no build up of stagnant water or suspended partials have remained in the nozzles while the system has been unused .

Should you find some of your nozzles have clogged up simply place them into a solution of vinegar for a while shaking them around to dislodge any particles that may be blocking them .

Leave to rest for 15min to half an hour.

If the nozzle remains blocked it time to replace it.

Never try to stick anything into the nozzle orifice as this will damage it and render it useless.

Prevention is better than cure. A little maintenance once a year will give you a misting system that performs as you expect.




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